Our Approach

BaharanLaw is a client-focused immigration and personal injury firm that thrives on building life-long relationships with its clients based on trust and empathetic communication. At BaharanLaw puts you and your interests first and is dedicated to reaching the best outcome for your case.

Our Story

Our Philosophy

Every case is unique. Every client is different. We believe that we must get to know you and the particulars of your immigration or personal injury issue in order to find the best solution for you. You'll be a person and a valued individual we care about, not just an anonymous ID number.

Our Goal is

To help you find the best resolution to your situation and to build a life-long relationship with you!

BaharanLaw is a law firm that places its clients first. The firm's principal, Mahdi Baharan, will find the best solution for your personal injury and immigration law issues.

Most of the firm's work is done personally by Mahdi. He answers his own phone and if you leave a message, he'll get back to you personally. He believes creating lasting connections comes from a personal touch — and not making you navigate through assistants, associates and other staff who may not know the details of your case.

Mahdi Baharan

In college, Mahdi Baharan started as an electrical engineering major. But somehow, he ended up becoming an attorney.

To be fair, the principal of BaharanLaw was fooling himself all those years before entering law school. Mahdi, as a child, had a passion for puzzles, riddles and mysteries. He admits that the harder the problem is, the more fervent he is about resolving it. These are good qualities for an engineer, but they're excellent qualities in a lawyer!

Though he was born and raised in Iran, Mahdi spent most of his adult life in Los Angeles and New York City. In fact, New York is where Mahdi decided on, and got experience in, immigration law. You might mistake him for one of those bi-coastal types that makes his own cheese and kombucha, but in reality, he's now LA all the way (without the hipster food and drink).


Mahdi learned to play chess at 6 years old, and is a chess master — albeit a self-proclaimed one among his family. However, he does see similarities between law and chess when it comes to strategizing and anticipating the actions of one's opponent.

That being said, his credentials in the legal profession, which include a degree from Western State College of Law with honors and acceptance into the California and New York Bars, are much more solid than his claim as a chess master.

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